Your Complete Dietary Solution

Individualized Nutrition and Fitness Assessments/Profiles

Nutritional Investigation -
Finding the Food Fuels that Best Suit You

Dining Out Wisely - Enjoy Eating Out Without Sabotaging Yourself

Grocery Shopping Tours & Label Reading - Getting the Facts

Nutritious Menu Planning - How to Plan and Create Savory Meals

Portion Balancing to Maintain Healthy Weight Loss or Gain

Eating for a Lifetime - Learn to eat without dieting

Picky Eaters - Expanding the Variety of Foods your Child Eats

Nutrition Counseling for Foundational Wellness in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Holistic Nutrition for Cosmetic Procedures

Dermatological Nutrition -
Skincare from the inside out

Pre/post Operative Nutrition Counseling
Diet Analysis

NLD will work with you to pinpoint your nutritional issues and aide in creating healthy, do-able solutions. NLD will analyze your current dietary routine, discuss your nutritional goals and lifestyle, then create an effective nutrition protocol to meet your needs.

Under NLD's guidance, you will produce a food, mood, and exercise diary. NLD will perform weekly analysis and assessment of your diary.

NLD provides private nutrition counseling for you and your loved ones to ensure successful nutritional changes.

NLD will work with you to create a firm nutritional foundation, enabling you to make nutrition changes that are realistic and lasting.

Menu Planning

NLD will plan meals to aid your nutritional needs.

NLD provides solutions for recipe substitutions, to enable you to eat many of your favorite foods.

NLD will create menu plans for diabetic diets, specific food allergies and intolerances (lactose and wheat intolerance, diary, casein, gluten, egg, etc.), yeast-free diets, low sugar diets, celiac, weight loss, immune system enhancement, hormone imbalance, lethargy, and other special requirements.

NLD will work with you by appointment, either in person or by phone, to identify your nutritional needs and negotiate the changes necessary to enable you to reach your nutritional best.

Recipe & Menu Analysis

NLD has an active practice, performing detailed recipe analysis for Cookbooks and will format the report according to regulations and clients' requests.

NLD works with the restaurant and foodservice industries analyzing food products by utilizing the Food Labeling Laws. NLD will prepare FDA Approved Nutrition Facts Labels based on computer analysis by creating personalized data bases for each client. NLD will then provide a full report.

NLD will also review your product for Nutrient Content Descriptors - low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol, high-fiber, and sugar content. NLD creates cycle menus for school and corporate wellness.