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About Nutritional Lifestyle Designs | Lauren Weinstein (formerly Lauren Braun) R.D, L.D

Lauren Weinstein (formerly Lauren Braun) is a Nutrition Consultant who began Nutritional Lifestyle Designs in 1989. Lauren is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, with a degree from the University of Akron C.U.P. Dietetics Honors Program.

Lauren Weinstein (formerly Lauren Braun) has a growing practice working in all areas of Nutritional Wellness. In addition to that, she also works, by phone, with clients around the world per physician referral.

Lauren Weinstein (formerly Lauren Braun) works with families and individuals that are interested in altering their nutritional lifestyles by adjusting their foundational nutrition©. Specialties include food allergies and intolerance, heart disease, diabetes, dermatological nutrition, immune dysfunction, overall wellness nutrition and working with families in the area of Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Lauren has a vast number of nutrition labeling clients such as Santa Fe Seasons, Knudsen's, East of Chicago Pizza Company, Cayote Cocina and Brass Ladle Products (for more references please ask).

Lauren has also consulted with gourmet food stores such as the West Point Market, doing nutrition analysis.

At NASFT (National Association of Specialty Foods) Magazine Lauren has been doing their recipe analysis, since the September-October 1993 issue.

Lauren has done the nutrition analysis for a cookbook created by Nora Pouillion, the owner of Nora's Restaurant in Washington D.C. published by Random House, also recently released was her new book "Soup for Every Body" published with Joanna Pruess.

Lauren works as an outside consult with child care programs designing cycle menus that follow Head Start and USDA guidelines. She also consults with schools and corporations to meet their nutritional everyday needs.

American Dietetic Association, Vegetarian Nutritionists, and Pediatric Nutritionists.

There should be enjoyment in eating. Deprivation does not work. As Lauren says, “I work with my clients to find a nutrition regimen that makes sense and is 'do able' for the long run."